My name is Anthony Coker and I have been in the Construction Industry for 30+ years. I have taught Building Maintenance and HVAC/R. I currently work with a local HVAC Company and am acquiring info on the new equipment. I created this website to assist anyone who is in the classroom & out in the field as well as for other new & seasoned professionals in the industry that can benefit from the helpful tools, diagrams, photos, interactive content, videos, and all other content that we have created with the help of my students, Co-Workers in an effort to better instruct from a distance. This website is primarily for reference when you can't remember that one thing you learned but just can't seem to get it on the top of your head. I hope this helps you now and in the future with frequent updates. Please remember to refresh your browser when you visit again to see all the new content. Thanks and have a blessed day.














DIS2DEC and DEC2DIS Calculator.


Thank you for visiting the Appliance Repair Workshop. This website was created to assist in multiple areas such as building maintenance, construction, appliance parts and components and it is loaded with tips, tricks and diagrams for an easier understanding of "how to" and more.

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