Residential Energy Analyst

1. The AFUE rating of a heating system is the:

2. The rate of combustion air intake for a Catagory I fan assisted atmospheridally vented appliance is controlled by:

3. Which blower door fan configuration allows the most air movement?

4. Which leaky faucet is most costly to a homeowner?

5. The primary purpose of a blower door fans adjustable configuration is to:

6. Negative pressures measured in the lower levels of a structure and positive

7. What type of burner has no air adjustment on a nid efficiency heating system.

8. A(n)__________ is an instrument used to measure air velocities.

9. How many tons(weight) of air moved by a 3-ton A/C system with a base of 400 cfm per ton over a 12-hour period of time.

10. Which of the following is the mnost misleading influence for thermal images?

11. Two identical homes are pressurized to the standard test pressure. Which has the greater air leakage?

12. A required step in preperation for a negative pressure blower door test is to:

13. The inverse of the U value is:

14. How many dimensions are used to calculate volume?

15. What is the recommended CFM for the net free area of a return air filter grill per square inch?

16. Gas leaks can be safely located.

17. Which is the best test method for calculating total CFM when using an electric furnace?

18. Which of the following best describes the job of a technical energy auditor?

19. Air leakage points and pathways can be located using a thermal imager while a blower door creates:

20. Which best describes a blower door?

21. When disrupting discovered lead, contractors are required to:

22. When Testing a duct systems air leakage using a duct tester.

23. Asbestos becomes a hazard when:

24. Who sets the standard for the expected level of customer service?

25. If a natural gas furnace cycle begins and ends twice before reaching the thermostat set point, this is a symptom of:

26. Which of the following has the highest resistance to current flow?

27. To accurately measure steady state temperature rise of a gas furnace, it is critical that:

28. Which is the most deadly product of incomplete combustion.

29. ONe kilowatt is equivalent to:

30. What is the primary reason for closing interior garage doors before blower door testing?

31. When checking an elecrtric water heater thermostat's settings:

32. When testing a medium-efficiency gas furnace, the draft test location should be:

33. To protect the reference tube from fan generated turbulence, it is necessary to extend it:

34. Dead or living mold may cause health issues including:

35. What are some wind pathways for air penetration during heating season?

36. If a marterial like asbestos is described as "friable," that means:

37. Air flow is most affected by which of the following:

38. Typical ex-filtration points of a structure are:

39. Compact fluorescent lamps use approximately:

40. When testing supply duct air leakage with a duct tester.

41. A standard-efficiency natural gas furnace is identifiable by its:

42. Rate air flow for a blower door tester can be calculated if:

43. Which of the following older building products would most likely contain lead.

44. What is heat infiltration loss?

45. Which of the following is considered a type of mold?

46. A mid-efficiency propane furnace is identifiable by its:

47. All differential pressure manometers have two taps, which are:

48. Which weighs more per cubic foot?

49. R-value increases proportionately with the:

50. What are the major components of a blower door assembly?

51. Flow sensors in a blower doors fan housing are designed to measure:

52. A blower door can induce or force air through:

53. What is the primary purpose of a blower door?

54. Flue gas levels of oxygen for atmnospheric natural gas furnaces and boilers should be between:

55. Calculate the area in inches of an exterior door with dimensions of 6.67' by 3'.

56. Turbulaiton of hot flue gases helps:

57. How a person looks, talks, writes, acts, and works determines whether a customer thinks they are a(n):

58. What is the ambient tempoerature?

59. An electrical problem in which current is re-routed from its projected path to a path of much lower resistance is called a(n):

60. When water is not a provided utility, total water usage in a residence is found by:

61. Which of the following electrical conditions redquires correction before adding insulation in an attic.

62. Outdoor water audit calculations include water usage for:

63. A thermal imager can detect:

64. Calculate the area of a knee wall in the shape of a triangle with a base of 12'6" and a height of 6'2". Round all figures to two decimal places.

65. A visual inspection of an entire air conditioning system reveals traces of oil fittings or connections. These traces are potentially:

66. The standard test pressure for measuring duct system tightness is:

67. The neutral wire on a 120-volt AC circuit is normally:

68. Scanning with a thermal imager while a blower door tester is operating is considered a(n)___process.

69. The correct size of the return air pathway to the air handler can be determined by:

70. Which is required to convey products of combustion to the outside from a mnid-efficiency furnace.

71. What is the recomended CFM for the net free area of a return air filter grill per square inch.

72. Customer expectations of service should always be;

73. Which energy source produces most of the electricity in the U.S.?

74. How is building integrity determined?
*QBy inspection, sight testing, and reports from previoius owners.

75. Zero psia (pounds per square inch absolute) is:

76. A differential pressure manometer measures pressure of one zone:

77. If an air conditioning system ahs excessive air flow:

78. Flue gas levels of carbon monoxide air free in the venting system of natural gas, fuel oil,
and propane furnaces and boilers must never exceed:

79. Blower door results reveal potential energy savings by:

80. Which of the following is an accurate definition of accountability?

81. A thermal break is:

82. During a call for heat, the burner of a natural gas furnace cycles off after 6 minutes of runtime.
The fan continues to run, and after 3 minutes the burner cycles on and completes the heating cycle. This is a symptom of:

83. What two devides operated in tandem most accurately quantify duct leakage to the outside of a structure?

84. Carbon monoxide poisoning is frequently misdiagnosed as:

85. Gross stack temperature minus combustion air temperature is the:

86. Excess carbon build up on and around burners and scorching on the front of a atmospheric gas boiler is likely caused by:

87. Understanding a customer's generation helps employees:

88. Complete combustion is only possible:

89. Outer elements of a bulding, including walls, windows, doors, roofs, and floors, including those below grade, is ASHRAE's description of:

90. Calculate the volume of a bulding with a length of 50'9", a width of 30'3", and a height of 8'.

91. The number one source of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning in North America is:

92. Air flow volume of an electric furnace can be calculated using the:

93. When using the temperature rise method to calculate air flow, which formula is used?

94. Increasing fuel pressure on a natural gas Category IV appliance will:

95. Typical infiltration points of a structure are:

96. Which of the following is used to eliminate mold?

97. The standard unit for measuring the quantity of heat in a substance is:

98. What is heat transmission loss?

99. Lead is a safety concern because:

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