Green Awareness

1. “Tidal and Ocean Energy” is:

2. Thermal storage is:

3. A test performed to assure a fossil fuel system is operating as close to design specification is called:

4. When photovoltaic modules are interconnected they are called:

5. Carbon footprint is the:

6. Conventional storage water heaters are the most common type water heater installed. They consume an estimated:

7. Which of the following is a source of sustainable energy?

8. Radiant heat transfers its energy when:

9. What term is considered the process which estimates and evaluates the life cycle cost over the life expectancy of raw materials from the point at which they are compiled, until the time when they are returned back to the earth?

10. The type of system that uses the earth as both a, heating and cooling medium is a:

11. A faucet water flow restriction device which adds air to the volume of water is the:

12. Systems that can have multiple indoor units connected to a single outdoor units are known as:

13. Of all the available water on the planet, how much is fresh water attainable?

14. Energy managers can detect potential energy problems by:

15. The Coefficient of Performance (COP):

16. The Energy Star label when attached to a high efficiency plumbing appliance indicates that the:

17. LED is the acronym for which of the following?

18. Historically, most lighting has been purchased based on the.

19. A condensing boiler:

20. Photovoltaic panels are used to power:

21. Sustainable energy is defined as a:

22. The cartridge free urinal is a:

23. The on demand water circulation system:

24. A heat load calculation for a residential home is based on the:

25. An energy audit is:

26. Which of the following cooling systems works best in dry climates?

27. HCFC-22 is:

28. Water distribution piping installations include:

29. Solar cooling may be accomplished by:

30. The difference between a nuclear power plant and a fossil fuel plant is:

31. A measure of the relative efficiency of a room air conditioner appliance is:

32. Reclaim water is required by most codes to be run in:

33. The Energy information Administration:

34. The ECM (Electronic Commutated Motor):

35. In an effort to reduce the energy usage in a building, which four construction techniques play an integral role?

36. High voltage transformers used in fluorescent lighting are called:

37. The 1992 Energy Policy Act set the standard for water closets(WC’s) by reducing the amount of water for flushing to:

38. Effective Energy Conservation Measures can be determined by:

39. Energy Star rated air-cooled, cube-type ice machines are:

40. Mechanical vapor compression air conditioning systems:

41. Showers can use as much as:

42. The removable cartridge is used with a:

43. GreenChill is a cooperative alliance between:

44. In the life cycle assessment, what process is the continued use and reuse of a product that has little or no environment impact?

45. Which of the following is an energy conservation measure?

46. The standard temperature used to calculate COP for an air to air heat pump is:

47. Pre-rince spray valves are used in commercial kitchens to rinse the:

48. When selecting residential energy upgrades, the concept of cost versus benefits is referred to as:

49. What would the annual operating cost of an appliance that uses 400 watts for 5 continuous hours per day if the current electrical rate is 10 cents per kilowatt?

50. HSPF air source heat pump equipment ratings range from:

51. What is R-value?

52. Passive cooling is:

53. An instantaneous boiler:

54. Appliances such as computers, televisions, and most chargers when powered off continue to use electricity these devices are known as:

55. A fossil fuel modulating furnace varies its fuel input and blower motor speed:

56. Renewable energy is:

57. Industrial fire protection systems used Halon-1301 (EPA unfriendly gas) in water sensitive areas in 1993 this substance was replaced with:

58. What is fenestration?

59. The composting toilet can be:

60. Waste-Heat Recovery systems can be adapted to air conditioning systems for:

61. The Electronic Commutated Motor (ECM):

62. Conducting a blower door test to quantify air leakage rates is a test to determine the air infiltration and heat transfer energy losses after which process?

63. Two major appliances in the home that use the most KW/H are the:

64. Variable Frequency Drive motors (VFD)

65. The Energy Star dishwasher uses approximately:

66. The gravity of water circulation systems uses:

67. The power generated by “Wind Turbines”:

68. What can be done to increase overall energy efficiency in a building?

69. The best method used for the irrigation of landscaping is:

70. What best represents the part of a structure that is in contact with both the conditioned space and unconditioned spaces?

71. Water closets that reduce water used from 1.6 gal to 1.28 (gpf) are known as:

72. In order to determine the required capacity of heating or cooling equipment for a structure.

73. The electrical “Demand” rate for commercial enterprises can be reduced by:

74. A lumen is the:

75. Water “hammer” most commonly occurs when:

76. Heating Season Performance Factor is used as an energy rating for:

77. Heating and cooling efficiency ratings such as SEER, EER, COP, and HSPF are regulated by:

78. Which of the following is used to rate a central cooling system?

79. A green alternative for producing massive amounts of electrical energy is:

80. Ethanol is a renewable energy source because it is produced through the:

81. The first fuel cell was designed in:

82. The 1992 Energy Policy Act urinal flush requirements uses:

83. The 1992 Energy Policy Act passed requiring that showerheads and faucets were rated at 2.5GPM @:

84. In order to maintain an acceptable indoor air quality in tight structures, ventilation standards were established by:

85. Life Cycle Assessment of Life Cycle Cost Analysis is the:

86. Dual flush water closets provide the user flushing options. These options are selected by:

87. The term “Wind Farm” refers to the:

88. An appliance using 7500 watts of power continuously for 5 hours, would use:

89. Which of the following is a rating of how efficiently a furnace consumes fuel over the entire heating season?

90. Luminous efficacy is how efficient a light bulb is at creating:

91. What can be used to predict the effects of energy conservation measures used in a building?

92. What test is used to diagnose and measure a building’s air tightness and help locate air leaks?

93. Unlike “Wind Generators”, “Tidal Generators” are:

94. Flashlights that use LED’s can be used continuously, about how long before new batteries are needed?

95. The electrical energy efficiency of an appliance or device is determined by:

96. To produce the voltage necessary to process:

97. Insulating the water heater and hot water piping is:

98. In forced air heating systems, the:

99. Which control can be used to dim fluorescent lighting?

100. The dedicated line water circulation system:

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