Walls White Pine Side a Height Total Length of Walls
Height of Walls 2x4x8 2x4x10 2x4x12 2x6x8 2x6x10 2x6x12
Cost on Materials Studs
Number of 2X 's
Cost of Wall Materials Top Plates
Trash in Truck Loads
Bot Plates
Cost of Nails Per Box Tot Plates
Cost Per Nail Corners
Number of Nails Sealer Corner Studs
Side a Side b Sq Ft
Cost for Nails Blocking
Cost of Anchors Per Box Total Studs
Cost Per Anchor
Total of Mat 2X4X8
Number of Anchors Total of Mat 2X4X10
Total of Mat 2X4X12
Cost of Anchors Total of Mat 2X6X8
Cvg Sq Ft Per Gallon Total Total of Mat 2X6X10
Total of Mat 2X6X12
2000 Nails Per Box Cost Per Gallon
3" Ring Shank
75 Anchors Per Box Cost of Sealer
1/4 X 2-1/2